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Your goals will happen, it's just a matter of time

Your goals will happen, it's just a matter of time

Learning programming at 9 years old taught me a powerful mindset:

Anything you set out to achieve is certain to happen, it's just a matter of energy and time.

Much like how I wanted to build a cool website when I was young, it was just a matter of putting in the energy to learn and time until I was able to accumulate enough wisdom, experience, and skills to finally be able to build and deploy a cool website as a young kid.

Yes, you see, it's just a matter of time.

The 1000 years analogy

If you were getting paid $1 per hour and worked 8 hours a day 5 times a week, in a month you will get $160 per month.

Assuming you have no expenses, in order to be a millionaire you need to work 6250 months or approximately 521 years.

In a mortal's reality that's just impossible because you only have 60-100 years to live on average.

But if you had a guaranteed 1000 years in your lifetime, what are the odds of you becoming a millionaire with the same setup? 100%.

So it's not a question of whether it will happen or not, because it definitely will.

The question is then, will you live long enough to see it happen?

Why is this important?

It's important to understand this because it reframes your mindset into your life's chief task:

How can you shorten the time needed to realize your destined success in a mortal's average lifespan?

Hustle culture, manifestation, discipline, mindset, etc. how do they add up?

Hustle culture, manifestation, discipline, mindset, when distilled into one word it's just: Focus.

That's the key.

Focus will allow you to optimize and shorten the amount of time you need in order to reach your destined success!

On Manifestation: If you manifest your destiny every day, you're bound to stay focused because it's all you can think about!

With focus, you're bound to maximize your time.

For example, if Alice and Bob both received $1 per hour, but Bob wanted to focus on his job and spent 16 hours working, who'll become a millionaire faster?


So the more focus you can put in, the faster your destined success will come.

But in reality...

Focus is taken away by a lot of things in life. Some of which are:

  • Problems due to Responsibilities (Self, Family, Friends, Social Life, etc.)
  • Distractions (Entertainment, Trivial Tasks, etc.)
  • Desires (Wants, Nice-to-haves, etc.)

This is the reason why most can only sustainably do 40 hours per week because their focus is taken away from them all the time.

Important Note: Is that bad? Not really, it depends on what your definition of success is. But for this article, we'll assume it's to be a millionaire and nothing else matters.

Then what else can you do to realize your goal?

The great accelerator

If you can only sustainably dedicate 8 hours per day, 5 times per week to work, how can you realize your goal (be a millionaire) in an average human's lifespan?

Focused growth is the key.

Put most of your extra time and energy into focused growth, also known as personal development!

In our 1000-year analogy, this means if you can grow enough by acquiring knowledge, skills, and experience in 10 years to earn $10 an hour, you can be a millionaire in 62 years!

Note: You spend 10 years growing and 52 years earning $10 per hour, 8 hours a day, and 5 times a week without expenses to be a millionaire.

So the goal isn't to extend the number of hours you can dedicate to work, it's to increase your inherent value as a person so instead of $1 per hour, you can get $10, $20, $30, $1000, etc. per hour.

“We can have more than we've got because we can become more than we are.”
- Jim Rohn -

You can accelerate your focused growth by:

  • Surrounding yourself with the right mentors
  • Finding the right friends
  • Reducing your time spent on leisure/desires
  • Clarity on your direction
  • Creating systems that enable you to stay on track

A lot more!


Your success is guaranteed, it's just a question of whether you will work hard enough, focus enough, and grow fast enough for you to realize your goal in a human's average lifespan.

We're not immortals! Grow exponentially!

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