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[SHORTS] Speed of Iteration > Brand

[SHORTS] Speed of Iteration > Brand

When you're building something, whether it be a tech product or an organization, I find that you will always start with a bucket of 2 things: questions and assumptions.

Arriving at your optimal solution (or in this case Product Market Fit) is all about answering these questions and breaking these assumptions into verifiable facts as fast as you can!

Hence, at the start, the speed of iteration is your friend.

The faster you iterate, the faster you arrive at an optimal solution.

Brand should be the LAST OF YOUR CONCERN. (F all your none-participating and bystander naysayers! They know nothing of what you do)

Never let the brand be your number one priority, not until you have a clear grasp of your most optimal solution.

Finding the optimal solution to the problem you're solving, is after all, the most important part!

If worrying about your brand takes time away from you by making you walk on eggshells and worry about public opinion, it critically impedes your speed of iteration.

Optimize for SOI and focus on your target market avatar.

The rest is just noise.