How far can I go?

How far can I go?
Kristian smiling at his cartoon self

Hey, my name is Kristian Quirapas. I build distributed and decentralized systems with Rust 🦀.

I only have 2 missions in life:

  1. Draft a path of success for people from humble beginnings by using engineering and entrepreneurship
    1. Ultimately answer the question: "If all I have is my will, my skill, and my knowledge, how far can I go?"

Serve a minimum of USD 1 Billion of value to the world with Tech Engineering and Entrepreneurship.

A Visual Summary of Me (by Ericson)

This blog you ask?

It's meant to document the musings of a geek whose mission in life is to maximize his impact in this world with tech.

If you're here, then you're in for a ride. Hold on tight!

More about me...

For engineering, you can check out my Github!

For entrepreneurship, my current blue oceans are Blockchain, AI, Aerospace, Computing, Hardware, and Robotics.

If you want to follow me beyond this platform, that's easy!

You can follow me @YourCompanyCTO on all platforms.