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[SHORTS] On Mental Models / Skill Summaries...

A distillation of essence.
[SHORTS] On Mental Models / Skill Summaries...

I find 1-3 sentence summary of a skill useful.

It's like reversing a skill to its fundamental truths (first principles) and using those as ground work for reasoning.

A distillation of essence.

My personal summaries:

SALES: The dynamics of value.

If you understand value on a fundamental level. Comprehension of sales becomes easy.

MARKETING: Capturing the "share of mind".

I find that marketing is ultimately just "capturing" someone's MIND SPACE.

If you have share of mind, best believe they'll think of you when they need you.

NEGOTIATION: Understanding leverage.

If you know who owns the leverage, you know how to approach the negotiation.

BODY LANGUAGE: A behavioral offset from baseline.

It's all about knowing how they acted differently and determining whether this act is a move towards "negative" or "positive"

No absolutes. You can't pinpoint exact emotion, but you'll understand if they're more "positive" or "negative" along the gradient.