Content buckets I use to classify my writing.
Documenting Parallels: Documenting a Lifetime of Tech and Entrepreneurship.

These are the buckets I use for classifying my writing. If you want more of one thing, use the quick links below.

The crust of my engineering experiments, thoughts, and principles.

The journey of a tech entrepreneur from the country of the Philippines.

Sample subtopics I usually cover:

  • Problems and Solutions
  • Reflections
  • Case Studies
  • Experiments
  • Failures

Lectures and demos from a geek dedicating his 20s to decentralized technology.
Sample subtopics I usually cover:

  • DePIN
  • EVM
  • Solana
  • Cosmos
  • NEAR
  • ICP

Unpacking security across tech.

Sample subtopics I usually cover:

  • Web Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Rust Security
  • EVM Security

Reflections uncovering the roots of my lifelong pursuit of growth.

Journal of a Rustacean mastering Rust for distributed and decentralized systems.

Distilling books I read.

Documenting a tech guy's journey, reflections, and Eureka(!) moments while pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Unsorted writings I was inspired to write and publish.