Content buckets I use to classify my writing.
Documenting Parallels: Documenting a Lifetime of Tech and Entrepreneurship.

These are the buckets I use for classifying my writing. If you want more of one thing, use the quick links below.

Shortform (#shorts)

Short, casual, and informal publications. I mainly use these for brain dumping and note-taking.

Read here if you want ideas, thoughts, or general creative thinking.

Read Shorts Here

Longform (#long)

In-depth and formal publications.

Read here if you want formal, deeper, and more nuanced writing complete with references and citations.

The crust of my engineering research, experiments, thoughts, and principles.

The journey of a tech entrepreneur from the country of the Philippines.

Sample subtopics I usually cover:

  • Problems and Solutions
  • Reflections
  • Case Studies
  • Experiments
  • Failures

Lectures and demos from a geek dedicating his 20s to decentralized technology.
Sample subtopics I usually cover:

  • DePIN
  • EVM
  • Solana
  • Cosmos
  • NEAR
  • ICP

Unpacking security across tech.

Sample subtopics I usually cover:

  • Web Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Rust Security
  • EVM Security

Reflections uncovering the roots of my lifelong pursuit of growth.

Journal of a Rustacean mastering Rust for distributed and decentralized systems.

Distilling books I read.

Documenting a tech guy's journey, reflections, and Eureka(!) moments while pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Unsorted writings I was inspired to write and publish.