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Rust Nation UK 2024: My Key Takeaways

Rust Nation UK is the first conference dedicated to the Rust programming language. Here are my key takeaways.
Rust Nation UK 2024: My Key Takeaways
Kristian with the Rust Nation UK Key Takeaways

These takeaways come from the following talks I've listened to in Rust Nation UK 2024:

What are my key takeaways?

Stability without stagnation [NM24]

Rust is known for its steep learning curve.

You will often see programmers complaining about the difficulty of Rust as an entire ecosystem.

Luca, for example, cites [LP24] how Rust for the web is like Lego where you can combine parts of your stack as you like without much restraint hence introducing additional difficulties to Rust because of its abundant options for the web.

"Beginners are overwhelmed. [Too] many choices to make, too early in the the journey"

Luca Palmieri

But seeing Nicholas, one of the Rust designers himself, mention that Rust as a language prioritizes "Stability without stagnation" means that despite its difficulty Rust is meant to be accessibly empowering.

What does this mean you ask?

I just know the team will work hard on making Rust even better in the long run!

Hopefully, Async will stabilize as soon as possible. (hehe)

Async is still on the way to reliability [NM24]

While concurrency is a standard for Web stacks, Rust falls short of reliability for its asynchronous programming.

While unfortunate, it is not the end of the road.

Nicholas states that a lot of changes and improvements are coming in 2024!

There's more to good software written in Rust than meets the eye [JG24]

Honestly, the dominating thought that conquered me throughout Jon's presentation is how much more there is to writing impeccable software even in Rust.

So much more than what I initially anticipated.

Rust + cars! [FA24]

That's pretty much it! I'm stoked to see Rust being used in modern cars!

On closing...

Rust is awesome.