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Powerlifting is an Essential Part of Entrepreneurship

Powerlifting is an Essential Part of Entrepreneurship

At least in my tech entrepreneurship journey...

Nothing shows one's capability to conquer quite as visible as powerlifting.

And let me tell you why.

In this blog post, I'll show you

  1. How powerlifting helps you in entrepreneurship
  2. How you can get started today

A Business Constantly Demands Growth

In so many ways, building businesses is a massive source of stress and pressure.

Because problems aren't as straightforward and predictable as a normal job role.

No specific Areas of Responsibility (AORs) for a business owner except to solve every single problem that threatens your business.

You, as an owner, must move and evolve to adapt to the whims and woes of your business's progression regardless of how you feel.

  • Oh, you're not comfortable with meeting people? Boohoo sucks for you, you have to shake hands and meet every single client.
  • What's that? You don't know how to do your financials? The world doesn't care. Get to work.
  • Poor you. Offended by a colleague's constructive feedback? HA! Suck it up and improve!

There's a lot more of where this came from, but a common formula exists: if your business requires you to step beyond your personal limits and grow, you as an owner, must face that head-on even if you have to crawl through the mud.

That is why Powerlifting has been essential to my tech entrepreneurship journey.

Powerlifting Brings out the Conqueror in You

Powerlifting means your main goal is to increase your strength by lifting heavy weights very near your current personal strength limits.

If you haven't experienced this firsthand, one rep in a powerlifting regimen can be quite scary because you'd almost always feel like the next rep will be too heavy for you, and the voice in your head that plants the seed of personal doubt creeps in.

Your heart races before each Personal Record (PR) rep and you start to doubt yourself.

But with enough faith through the constant work that you do building up to this moment, you conquer your fear and achieve a new PR.

Author's Note: I've already done multiple PRs, but it's always nerve-wrecking thinking that this weight might be too much for you.

This feat shows you in a first-person perspective that with consistent work, you are capable of conquering your self-limiting beliefs and emotions.

That Yes, you are a Conqueror. A conqueror of one's self.

Aristotle quote: I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him...

This will quiet down the self-talk that constantly roots you into your mediocre self and shows your internal dialogue that you are capable of achieving beyond what your mind can ever perceive.

The same mindset will manifest into the rest of your life, especially your business.

May be a doodle of ‎body building and ‎text that says '‎"So easy" "I can't do this" ก "10... 2 more" ه Too much challenge makes life hard. So does too little. James Clear @golimitlesss‎'‎‎
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How to get started? Get a Reputable Powerlifting Coach

Before you go into powerlifting you must ensure that you get a reputable coach.

One who lets his results speak for himself.

For example, here's my online powerlifting coach Robert Diel Abdao. I won't even explain, I'll let his results do the talking:

  • 🥇 2022 Luzon College 74 kg Champion
  • 🥈 2022 Raw Nationals Junior 74 kg Silver
  • 🥇 2023 Luzon College 74 kg Champion
  • 🥉 2023 Luzon Open 74 kg Bronze
  • 🥇 2023 Raw Nationals Junior 74 kg Gold
  • 🥈 2023 Raw Nationals Open 74 kg Silver
2 ONLINE COACHING SLOTS LEFT: Send him a message for online coaching!


Much of your hurdles in entrepreneurship can be solved, if you consistently demand a higher form of yourself.

Powerlifting, with the right guidance from a coach, will help you get there by building discipline, strength, grit, and a conqueror's mind.