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AI's taking jobs? Future-proof yourself as a freelancer in any industry

AI's taking jobs? Future-proof yourself as a freelancer in any industry

Spoiler alert. It's learning sales.

I know you're wondering, why?

Well, I don't claim to be an expert in sales, but it has been the single most impactful skill I've learned in my entire life.

Wanna know why? Let's take a step back.

"Sales, Sales, Sales" said by every fucking top 1% entrepreneur

College was boring for me, so I took the liberty to sit down and spend hours every single day for observing how the higher-level business leaders talk, lead, and think.

It's interesting to see that self-development is a common trait for each one, but if I distill the skill every single one of them recommends it's sales.

Thinking back I didn't really value that observation that much, until I started hustling for my own big ass dreams THEN IT ALL MADE SENSE.

Massive "Eureka!" moment

In your pursuit of greatness and success, which we'll coin as hustle, you will find yourself in every moment dealing with what?

Work? Tasks? Money?

No. It's PEOPLE.

In every step of the way, in any stage of your pursuit. You will always be in a situation where people are involved.

Think of you going on a trip to an unfamiliar location.

In order to reach your destination successfully you would have to go through the following checkpoints:

  1. Get gas
  2. Get specific direction
  3. Get accommodated

In each checkpoint you will encounter people who will determine how your trip would go.

  1. Get gas - You can only get gas, if you can convince them to give you gas. (Usually by paying)
  2. Get specific direction - You can only find it, if a person gives you the right direction.
  3. Get accommodated - You can only enjoy your vacation if you can convince the staff to let you in and get accommodated.

The point? How you interact with people, dictate the success rate of you reaching your goal.

Be it in work, in business, or in your day to day, how far you go will always be reliant on each person you will depend on. People are essentially crossroads in your life that can easily influence your trajectory.

So it is within your best interest to make sure they do what they're supposed to do.

Example: A prospect for your services can either choose to avail your services or not. In essence influencing whether you increase your revenue or not.

Now this is why sales is one of the most common skills top 1% entrepreneurs recommend.

Because it teaches you, not just how to sell, but also how you can deal with people and maximize your odds of them helping you pursue your hustle.

I like to jokingly call it as "The Intuitive Science of People".

Value - The Atom in the Intuitive Science of People (Sales)

I am far from where I'm destined to be, but surrounding myself with high-level thinkers and business executives allowed me to form my own personal observation of people in business.

Here are the things I've observed from my own personal journey.

Some of the most important groups of people to consider in building a business are:

  1. Your network (Relationships)
  2. Your team (Everyone in the company)
  3. Your customers
  4. Your investors

However, if you track the fundamental unit that runs each one, the root from which everything grows in business is Value.

Your network is cultivated by the value that you provide to the relationships that you have.

Your team is motivated by the value they get from working with you. (e.g. Salary, Learning/Experience)

Your customers buy from you because it provides value to them, by solving a pain point.

Your investors invest, because they see value in a potential Return on Investment (ROI).

Why is value important?

Value drives people. The more valuable something is to someone, the more likely they are to take certain actions in order to obtain that value.

It means, providing value is one of the most fundamental ways to influence people.

If you understand what someone values, you understand how you should communicate with them, how you should act around them, and how you can deliver your value strongly to them.

This exposes a skill that only humans can do, an intuitive understanding of what a person values and how he will react to certain situations.

Both of these most often stem from the experiences and knowledge they have. This means that contrary to popular belief, sales is actually more of asking questions than it is talking.

Because the more you understand about a person, the more likely are you to provide the right value to them to cultivate a relationship.

While it may sound simple, it's actually not as simple as you think

People are emotional

People are emotional and how they respond to something can't easily be predicted.

This is the key to future-proofing yourself.

AI is smart and efficient, but as of now, it is incapable of understanding the complexities of human emotion, human experience, and human knowledge combined.

This means while AI can get your job, AI isn't as effective with the nuances of people. Hence it is lacking in the Intuitive Science of People.

For Example: AI might know what you typed the past months, but it wouldn't understand that you just had a bad day today so you might not respond well.

And if you want to be relevant in the future that is to come, understanding the Intuitive Science of People and applying it in your business will ensure that you can still one-up AI technology by providing lasting value to people because only people can decipher the nuances of people.

It's people to people, not AI to people.

So understanding the Intuitive Science of People will set you up for success more than any AI will at this point in time.


Understanding the Intuitive Science of People has without a doubt propelled me toward different heights in life. I am where I am today because I have relationships that share the journey with me and work with me in pursuing my goal.

And you know what's amazing?

YOU can do the same.

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