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Founder Stories: How to Effectively Achieve your Goals

Founder Stories: How to Effectively Achieve your Goals

Ok... hear me out.

Working towards your goals is all about reflecting on the processes and not the tasks.

What do I mean by that?

In pursuing your goals, personal or organizational, they both converge in the same thing: goal-aligned processes.

If you look back into your life and reminisce the actions you took in order to achieve your long term goals, you'll realize that it wasn't the one time action that you did.

It's the habits that allowed you to put in the work.

In my life it would look something like this:

My previous goals were achieved not because I had one day where I went all in and overdrive! (BURNOUT INCOMING!)

I achieved them because I had habits that allowed me to stay on track.

It's the same for organizations but this time it's not habits: it's systems.

What systems can you put in place in order to achieve your OKRs and KPIs?

OKR - Objectives and Key Results
KPI - Key Performance Indicators

Read more about them here

For example, in order to achieve a $100K revenue per month, you need weekly internal meetings, inbound lead generation systems, sales processes, client onboarding flows, etc. that would support you in achieving this goal.

It's not about having a single week where everyone in your organization is in overdrive trying to hit targets!

It's all about building goal-aligned and sustainable processes that would allow you to achieve your goals.

Why should you care?

Much like driving a car, when you're clear on your direction then it all comes down to consistently driving the car towards the destination and making sure there is enough gas.

You don't teleport towards your destination. You drive.

So the next time you set your goals and set your sights on achieving them, don't prioritize your tasks lists wanting results to happen now.

Instead, prioritize reflection on the processes you've built around you that would allow you to EVENTUALLY achieve your goals.

  • Do these personal habits support the goals I want to achieve?
  • Do these organizational systems support the yearly targets we set to achieve?
  • What habits / processes / patterns of thought in my life prevent me from achieving my goals?

Reflect deeply and focus on goal-aligned processes because with goal-aligned processes achieving your goals isn't a question of possibility. It becomes a question of timeline.

It's not "Will I be able to achieve this goal?"

It's "When will I be able to achieve this goal given the goal-aligned processes I've set around me?"

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